We are exactly one week away now from the Geek of the Year Awards! At the close of the 405's Geek Week we are letting you in on our favourites to win the big prize. First up is a man who let his love for space adventure mould the outcome of his own wedding: Name:Terence Eden Age: 31 Place of Birth: UK Specialist Subject: Mobile Phones & Star Wars Why I deserve to be Geek of the Year: I asked my wife to marry me.... in a full on Sci Fi ceremony. From L-R My Mother - Doctor Who My Father-in-law - Obi Wan (he already had the beard) My Wife - Jedi Me - Darth Vader My Mother-in-law - Professor McGonnagle My Father - Ming the Merciless My Brother - Londo Mollari. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Next, we have some sort of action geek. What stands out the most about this girl is the third of her specialist subjects Name: Amy-Kate Wych Age: 20 Place of Birth: The smallest hamlet in Lincolnshire Specialist Subject: HTML/CSS/Carving Swords/Driving 3.5 Tonne Lorries Why I deserve to be Geek of the Year: I wasn't going to but your twitter poke convinced me! Well I'm far from an original geek, preferring to be one in stealth mode...I like to build things, destroy things, recreate things, mod things, drive things, wire things and fix things much to the alarm and dismay of my friends and family! ;-) Image and video hosting by TinyPic Thinking that you're a superhero enough to make a comic strip of yourself will earn you a place on this list: Name: Richard Fitzmaurice Age: 21 Place Of Birth: Birmingham Specialist Subject: Film directing and fighting crime. Why I deserve to be geek of the year: I'm Batman. Image and video hosting by TinyPic We believe that such dedication to jam deserves recognition: Name: Kimothy Haskins Age: nearing 30 Place of Birth: Waitrose in Hitchin, when it was a maternity hospital Specialist Subject: Painting pictures of jam. And sweets. Why I deserve to be Geek of the Year: I've spent more time looking at jam than you. Image and video hosting by TinyPic It's the experimental musicianship of this man that makes him a strong candidate: Name: Conor Agnew Age: Pi (if Pi =3.14) x 7, to the nearest whole number. Place Of Birth: A Yoshi Egg, Super Mario World Era Specialist Subject: Music (theory and bass guitar), sound design/editing comfortable shoes Why I deserve to be Geek of the Year: I bought Dungeons and Dragons dice to create obscure time signatures ...for compositions based on the numbers rolled. I also made up my own Pokemon card game about a year before they hit the UK. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Finally, here's someone who should benefit from the holiday prize, as it might help him recover from the delusion that he's a Game Boy Name: Dave Langdale Age: 23 Place of Birth: Mushroom Kingdom Specialist Subject: Pixelated Perfectionism Why I deserve to be the Geek of the Year: I can fit an uncomfortable amount of cartridges in my system. Image and video hosting by TinyPic