Laura Callier recently put out her new album as Gel Set, Body Copy, and with it further honed her lo-fi tech-electronica stylings. Her beguiling mixture of influences, stripped down into something delicate and fascinating, are perhaps best heard on the opening track of Body Bopy, 'Don't You Miss Me', where she flirtatiously welcomes listeners into her sparkling world.

'Don't You Miss Me' now has a glorious video clip to complement it, which further shows Callier's breadth of appreciation of the arts. She says of the video: "I will forever be influenced by the surreal works of Jodorowsky—the gorgeous, bizarre images of Holy Mountain forever burned into my brain; campy lo-fi horror movies; and the first music videos that mesmerized me as a child, most especially The Cars “You Might Think,” Tom Petty’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” and anything by Weird Al—with their ridiculous sense of humor, and a narrative campy colorful style I love. I approach both music and videos with things in mind—painting, humor, narrative, sexy—some pieces obviously lean more towards one concept than the other.”

Watch the clip for 'Don't You Miss Me' below.

Gel Set's latest album Body Copy is out now on 2MR. Follow her on Facebook and Bandcamp.