Electro pop wizard Gemini was right, it was time to share. After two lengthy years of silence, the former teacher's pet of dubstep has teased material from his forthcoming album Wanderlust.

Lead single 'Time To Share' captures the wonderful vibrancy of planet Earth. Having forced himself into the prison confinement of the recording studio, Gemini (aka Thomas Slinger) self-diagnosed a chronic case of writer's block.

Packing up his bags, the singer/songwriter turn producer left Britain and travelled the world on a musical pilgrimage. His anticipated forthcoming powerfully documents the experience. 'Time To Share' captures endless galaxies of stars with glittered bass, and the deep forest of emotive, ethereal vocals. Glorious warmth is invited in optimistic lyricism, "If I listen closely, you'll be singing in the wind."

His radio ready vocals lush mimicking the sugar rush of young love, edged with diamond sharpness. Hymnal harmonies and sonic electronics mount to a soulfully surged chorus glossed with dance infusing disco beats.

Unashamedly embracing his pop sensibilities, 'Time to Share' boasts bold cinematic strokes and pulsating rhythm that moves like a prying snake. It is said that Gemini's are marked by dualism. 'Time To Share' offers a peaceful haven from a thunderous undertone brewing for eruption.

Gemini's radical change is one to be celebrated. Let's sing it from the mountaintop. Or at least blast it on the radio on a summer's afternoon. Wanderlust is set for release later this year.