Despite handling a decent bit of hype over the past few years, Washington D.C. duo (now living in Los Angeles) GEMS haven't actually introduced their formal debut album. Now, with years of EPs and singles already laid out, the duo will formally reveal their official debut Kill The One You Love, which features the adoring 'Living As A Ghost'.

Split with Echo And The Bunnymen-style echoed guitars and HEALTH's manic chorus of distorted fury, 'Living As A Ghost' has all the feel of a band refining their already encouraging niche. The album is set for release October 30th on Carpark Records.

Listen to 'Living As A Ghost' via NPR below.

Check out the Kill The One You Love tracklist:

  • 1. Blood Runs
  • 2. w/o u
  • 3. Soak
  • 4. Living as a Ghost
  • 5. Empires Fall
  • 6. Heartbreaker
  • 7. Scars
  • 8. Tangled Memories
  • 9. Savior
  • 10. Epitaph
  • 11. White Light

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