Label: Another Music/Another Kitchen Records Release date: 10/11/08 Link: It's sometimes funny to think about the way you happen to come across bands. For me the process of getting into this band was sort of like an adventure but not one I knew I was on. It started with being introduced to a band called Jetplane Landing years and years and years ago. This love affair went on for a long time (It's still going) and many years later this website was started and we interviewed them. The guitarist in that band is now in Fighting With Wire and General Fiasco have supported them! Was it fate that I got to hear this band? Probably not but I'm glad I did. 'Rebel Get By' is the debut single from these Belfast boys and it's a ridiculously catchy and dance worthy song. It's very much an Indie song but without the usual cliches often get pre-attached to this genre, especially from a British band. The song most definitely suffers from the 'Let me it play just one more time' disease which is annoying for me because I can't get the song out of my head but for them I'm sure that's a good thing! Rating: 4.5/5