Sometimes when I talk to my friends about music I get really excited. I can sense eyes glazing over as I spurt word soup all over their faces. It's not my fault you understand, It's a condition I have, I'm sure that's it. Watching them wait to get a word in edgeways my brain begins to separate from the words exiting my mouth, instead focusing on their drifting eyes, imagining the thoughts floating by like clouds inside their head. Silently asking the big questions; "What's wrong with the bands I like?" "Why does he hate pop music so much?" "Why won't this prick just shut up?".

Just in case any friends are reading, Hi there, I'll answer each question in turn for you now.

    1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with listening to whatever music makes you feel alive, or fills in a void, or does whatever you need/want it to do. There are no rules. There is no such thing as a guilty pleasure. Your taste is your taste and it is no better or worse than the taste of anyone else. Stop second guessing yourself. Be proud of yourself and what you like.
    2. It's a common mistake to assume that because someone is constantly hunting out a fix of new music they do not like what constitutes as "pop" music. I'm probably wrong (I often am) but I judge what is pop music by how many people dance when I play it in clubs. If it sounds like people are going to fall over themselves to throw shapes to it then I think it's pop music, and I'll be honest with you, I LOVE POP MUSIC. What I hear when people ask me this question (it happens more often than you'd think) is this "It can't be pop music if I haven't heard of them" Which frankly, is ridiculous, not to mention arrogant.
    3. It is quite surprising how long I can talk between breaths isn't it?

This track by Generationals is solid gold pop music. It sounds fresh and energetic yet it's retro sounding and funky as hell. On sunny afternoons it sounds fantastic played loud. I'll totally vouch for that. I imagine bouncing around a boombox on the beach with this playing, the BBQ is lit and we all have a responsible amount of alcohol, it's the perfect day. Whilst I'm dancing like an idiot my friends sit thinking to themselves, "Sure, he never shuts up, but he does know music. This song is quite the pop record".


(I'll be honest with you, I don't have any friends)