Our new record KAUA'I O'O A'A is named after a Hawaiian bird, and that bird's name comes from the sound it makes. As a band we have always been inspired by people slowing things down, like DJ Screw.. or Peter Szöke, who was a Hungarian biologist and musicologist and made a record called The Unknown Music of Birds. He slowed down tape recordings of birds so he could hear what he called their "true sound". I don't think Peter Szöke ever got a recording of a kaua'i o'o a'a, but if you play our record slowed all the way down maybe you can hear its 'true sound' too.

So here are our favourite top five slowed-down songs/animals/people:

The Unknown Music of Birds

This is the Peter Szöke record. It has orioles and many other birds... (You have to skip along a bit to get to the good stuff, foghorn wails, weird trumpets, bassline wamp-wamps, etc...)

Crickets Choir

The person who first showed me this told me it was Robert Wilson, who made Einstein on the Beach with Philip Glass, which I thought was very cool. Actually it's made by someone called Jim Wilson, I think. Anyway, it's completely beautiful.

Ultra Slow 'Wuthering Heights'

Also completely beautiful… There's also the slowed-down Justin Bieber song which is amazing too … but this one has a bit more space and tension and movement in it, plus Kate Bush's voice and her ultra slowed down dancing.

Babylon Zoo – 'Spaceman' (Arthur Baker version)

One of the first records I ever bought I think.. on cassette.. It was on a TV advert for jeans. and they were from the Midlands, where I grew up. And ah, that weird cover. The 'real' song is slowed down, but this version is so much better. Also, I never knew it was Arthur Baker who made it. He produced Afrika Bambaataa and did loads of early tape and record mangling. Makes sense he made this good good version by playing the record at the wrong speed..

DJ Screw: The Untold Story

The man who started it all off, DJ Screw. That Houston scene/music is still totally inspiring. Here's a documentary about him. RIP Screw!

Gentle Friendly's new album, KAUA'I O'O A, is out now on FatCat Records. Listen to 'Wild Grass' below.