Georgi Kay is coming to improve your dance music library. The British-Australian artist currently resides in LA, where she has been showcasing her talents as an adept live producer and also as a thoughtful songwriter, exemplified by her latest single, 'Lone Wolf'.

Wolves are pack animals, and on some level, so are we humans. We flourish when part of a community, but still, many people enjoy solitude. The choice to be alone has its own set of implications, and Georgi Kay embraces them all, questioning her own isolation and acknowledging that it can hurt sometimes, too. The only solution seems to be to let her guard down, and while she never concedes to do so, she does promise to continue to be who she is as best she can. “No matter how many good people you have in your life, they will never truly know and understand you as deeply and as intimately as you know and understand yourself.” She is a lone wolf, and there’s nothing you can do...but love and accept her for who she is.

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