London musicmaker Georgia has unveiled the artwork for her debut eponymous album. It's been designed by MMParis with a portrait taken by photographer Jamie Hawkesworth (above, if you didn't realise).

Simultaneously she's also dropped new single-and-video combination, 'Nothing Solutions', in which she runs through vividly coloured, dense forest to the sounds of her own, glisteningly spiky and densely bristling breed of nocturnal electro-pop.

Director Courtney Phillips shared the idea behind the visuals:

"The initial idea for this was to have Georgia running away from something in the forest, only to find out she's actually running with them - leading the pack. It was key to keep the visuals feeling mysterious and ambiguous, leaving the meaning open to the viewer's interpretation - but some might say she's running from her demons. We brought the forest to life by transforming it in to a hyper real environment, injecting artificial colours in to a natural space."