For all the talk about how much being depressed sucks, there isn't as much consideration into the pains of falling into such a state. Saarbrücken, Germany indie-psych duo know about that deeply unpleasant transition, and their awareness, both musical and mentally, helps make 'Getting Depressed' such a replayable song, in spite (or perhaps, because of) its painfully relatable content.

The song centers itself on two things: Stefanie Krauth's vocals, which are able to present quite a melodic nature for what might sound like transcriptions of things you confide to a close friend. (“I’m staring at the sun and I wonder if I am the only one”) and Mark Wernet's dream pop guitar licks, the beauty of which amplifies the song's mood, because hard feelings don't mean you don't recognize beauty. But they can make it like an intrusive force, rather than a relief. In the video, color-graded with just the right amount of Polaroid-haze, Krauth and Wernet are looking in seemingly every direction except straight ahead. Sometimes, when you don't feel like there's anything to look forward to, you have no other choice.