Recently Sam Knowles aka Karma Kid teamed up with two friends, Jake Norman (aka Armeria) and singer Ryan Ashley to form a brand new musical entity under the name Shy Luv. We heard the title track from their upcoming EP, Caught Up On You back in May, but now we're happy to present another track from the EP: 'Magnetise'.

"Magnetise was one of the first tracks me and jake wrote together at his house in Leeds. We were just jamming on bass and keys trying to do some moody disco shit and this is what came out," says Knowles via email. "Like most of the tracks on the ep, the instrumental is about a year old so it felt so fresh when Ryan came in later on and laid his vibe down."

And that "vibe" is one that combines luscious synths and a sun-summoning groove with deliciously textured beats, a gorgeous wash of sound that breezes through your mind and literally magnetises you to anywhere with good weather: If it's rubbish where you are, that'd be googling photos of far-flung beaches; if it's the UK right now, it means outside (for once). Vocals courtesy of Ryan Ashley – who, amongst other things, featured on Cyril Hahn's track 'Open' last year – add extra longing ache to 'Magnetise'. Listen to it below.

I asked Knowles how the new trio came about. "Shy luv originally started as a fun project with me and my long term beat friend, Jake (Armeria). We were just planning on making hip hop beats and sending them to rappers but we ended up loving the tracks we were making and realised that we had a good chemistry in the studio," he explained.

"Ryan was one of the first young singers I worked with in London and he really blew me away," Knowles continues. "In the last few months he reached a point in his life where he wanted to try something new so we decided to join together and we've been writing music together as a unit since."

Grab the Caught Up On You EP now.