We quickly fell in love with brand new duo Fantastic Fantastic and their electro-funk sound on tracks like 'Houses', 'Never Enough', and 'The Night', all coming out last year. The last of those two tracks is the B-side to Kris Small and Mickemon Lindebergh's new single, featuring new song 'Boulevard' on the A-side of the release. It's pretty near impossible to not start a chair rave to its groovy rhythms and smooth vocals.

In a press release, Small explained how they wrote the track, saying "Boulevard was written in parts, Micke sent me a melody idea while I was away and I wrote a top line to it". He added that "we were emailing ideas back and forth for a few weeks, then when I got back it all came together in pretty much a day, I think the whole song is basically about the ability to travel and write at the same time", and you can listen to the fruits of their labor below!

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