There are brutal sounds at work in 'Pandemic' by Eric Burton aka Rabit: clunking machinery being exploded, broken computers making damaged calculations, maybe some actual gunshots that turn rabidly rapid-fire towards the end – it's a cold and very noisy dystopian sound.

And it's taken from Houston-based artist's upcoming debut album Communion, due for release on 30th October via Tri Angle Records (tracklist below). According to the press release it's "primarily inspired by issues relating to sexuality, gender, ownership of our natural bodies, societal and governmental injustices, and media manipulations," explaining the wordless and violent expressionism in 'Pandemic', and promising an album filled with raw sonic confessions.

  • Communion tracklist:
  • 01. Advent
  • 02. Snow Leopard
  • 03. Fetal
  • 04. Artemis
  • 05. Ox
  • 06. Flesh Covers the Bone
  • 07. Pandemic
  • 08. Burnerz
  • 09. Glass Harp Interlude
  • 10. Black Gates
  • 11. Trapped in This Body