Break the routine and stop eating that poutine. It's a quick rhyme there but it's one that needs to be taken seriously if you want to believe in seeing that better looking, better energised you in a few months time. The Star.21 is a fitness band that focuses mainly on forming habits; not bad ones like smoking or accidentally singing High School Musical whilst in a supermarket, but habits that can get you into a better life routine.

The theory behind the Star.21 is that after 21 days of continuous use, the seeds of a long-lasting routing will have already been sown. Combining a simple ideal with a gamification model means that adopters can get into it straight away without having to set up an elaborate or be as committed as one needs to be with the UP24. The price is also a feature that will make you gasp....with surprise.

Retailing at £19, the Star.21 pulls no punches with its features list as well but don't go expecting the full life monitor suite of either Fitbit or UP24. Here's a list of what you will be getting for less than the price of 3 course meal:

  • - Track all your daily activities and provide the number of calories burned according to your personal metrics.
  • - Track your sleep cycles and set a silent alarm to wake you up.
  • - Help you learn and manage your sleeping behaviour.
  • - Receive Smart Reminders such as for regular water consumption, regular bed times, and for when you've been sitting down too long.
  • - Follow a set of targets such as steps per day and unlock achievements following your progress.
  • - Tell the time with the unique 21 "Star" LEDs.

There really is no excuse to get on track with your life now, and if Star.21 have anything to do with it, they will be making sure the whole world notch their life into gear.

Find out more about the Star.21 over on their Pozible page