Here's an extremely uptempo fantasy electro gem from Japanese duo KiWi, comprising musicmakers COR!S and AZUpubschool. The track in question is called 花火 (hanabi, meaning 'fireworks') and it's a tract of rapid-fire stuttering synth with jazz-flavoured chords that whizz and zip through variations and progressions like there's no tomorrow. Whistling, arpeggiated bloops, floating breaks in the hyperactivity, trance sprinkles, a super-dynamic footwork-leaning beat, and cutesy vocals – all of it makes this a highly successful operation in making myriad bustling elements and candy-coloured overstimulation a breezy delight for the ears.

It comes from a two-track release uploaded to SoundCloud a couple of days ago called 『カゲロウマツリ』(Kagerou Matsuri; I think it means 'Mayfly Festival') which, if you like this sort of thing, you should definitely download to keep from forever and ever.