English musicmaker Polly Scattergood has created a pulsing dance-heavy mix, featuring a spot of classic poetry, aptly named 'Fierce Tears'. It's hard and energetic – decidedly techno-flavoured at times – but it equally flashes with delicacy and ambience; one track, George FitzGerald's remix of 'Open Eye Signal' by Jon Hopkins, is perhaps a good measure for the whole mix.

"This mixtape is part of a P.S series I am doing and each mix will feature an element of spoken word over electronics," she tells us. "This specific mix 'P.S Fierce Tears' features Dylan Thomas reading "Do not go gentle into that night" over a George FitzGerald remix of 'Open Eye Signal' by Jon Hopkins. The way Dylan Thomas delivers the poem is so potent that when put over the Jon Hopkins track I just felt it accentuated the beauty & darkness of both."

You'll find the tracklist below.

• Larry Day interviewed and wrote about Polly Scattergood for us back in 2013 – check it out.

  • Tracklist:
  • I had this thing by Royksopp (Joris Voorn Remix)
  • Open Eye Signal by Jon Hopkins (George FitzGerald Remix
  • Do not go gentle into that night by Dylan Thomas
  • The Reason by Jay Lurmen (Take Me To Chicago Remix)
  • Signs by Howling (RA,dhAVd Remix)