Berlin-based Japanese musicmaker and vibraphone player, Masayoshi Fujita, has announced that he'll be releasing an album called Apologues. It'll be out via Erased Tapes later this year on 11th September. It arrives after his first solo album, Stories, released back in 2013.

Until then we have the actually beautiful 'Tears of Unicorn' to contend with, get lost in, and allow to swirl around us with its emotive, transportive energy. Being a vibraphone player, naturally Masayoshi Fujita has made this a chiming world of wonder, a glacial, sliding landscape in metallic tremolo twinklings, an aching string section swaddling the icy ambience as it moves from kinetic stretches into slow-motion, stationary business.

Silvery, shining, utterly ethereal and truly pretty, this is just but one slice of the upcoming album, about which Masayoshi himself had these words to say:

"With this album the main idea was to evoke images, atmospheres, sceneries and stories in the listener, the images that have accumulated in myself. At the same time it was an exploration of the unexplored beauty of the vibraphone, and also a pursuit of the charm of the instrumentation and the music itself. Erased Tapes releases a lot of great stuff and naturally became my favourite label of late. And I thought it would fit well to my music."

The delicate majesty of 'Tears of Unicorn' certainly conjures images and atmospheres; with that title, and with the nature of the music itself, you can imagine an eternally twilit, mysterious country, populated by one single, lonely unicorn, running off its sadness – listen below and see what your own imagination comes up with.

Pre-order Apologues here.