It's probably fitting that we're premiering the latest tune from Dive In today, right before Glastonbury kicks off - after all, it's where they're based! The track is called 'Rush of the Night' and they say that it was "the last song to be written in our beloved Glastonbury studio and 24/7 home for the last five years

It's one hell of a send off to that Glasto studio, too. It has that 1-2-punch of infectious synths and an earworm of a melody that refuses to leave your head even after its first spin. If someone had first told me that they were based in sunny southern California - where we're currently experiencing an insane heatwave that's sent everyone and their mothers to the beach - instead of the rainy UK, I'd have believed them in a second.

In a press release, the band said that "this one holds a special place in our hearts as it signifies the point at which we took our music from the studio and offered it to the world. Conceptually it’s about being in a situation / relationship that you know isn’t good for you and yet you find yourself unable to leave it.”Sonically it's not much of a departure from their debut EP Change in the Weather in all its synth-pop goodness, but rather a more honed in, perfected version of it. If this is any indiciation of what the future holds of the group, it's looking as bright as the sun. Stream it below!

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