Nashville has long been known as one of the world's best music cities, and the recent crop of musicians that have come up there is a strong reason as to why - Liza Anne, Amy Stroup, Kelsey Kopecky, and synth-pop maestro Aaron Krause are just a few of those names, and we're beyond thrilled to bring you Krause's brand new single 'I Will Wait' today! Taken from his forthcoming Jade EP (out on 11 September), it's an ode to mismatched lovers and determination. In a press release, he said that "'Jade' was the first song I wrote after I finished my record last summer, Holding On To Love. My pallet had begun to change and I was striving to create art from a more fearless place. For me, Jade marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter of my music." Filled with cascading synths and poignant, heartfelt lyrics, this new chapter of Krause's is his best yet. He took the time to answer some questions about the tune, which you can read below - and stream 'I Will Wait' after that!

What's the inspiration/idea behind the track?

This song is about being hopelessly in love with someone who can't make their mind up about you. I feel like everyone has at some point been intoxicated with someone who is almost.... dangerous to love. Hey, if Beyonce wrote this song she probably would have called it "Dangerous to Love".

Is there any particular time or place in the universe where it'd sound best?

I really wanted to capture an energy in this song. Almost desperate-- not in a depressing sense, but more in a sense of, "I know what I want and I don't care what it costs." I think having that kind of resolve can give you the determination to follow through. I don't know where I'd want someone to be before they hear it, but I know I'd want them to feel that way afterwards.

Or maybe going through a wormhole like at the beginning of Interstellar. I'd imagine that would really take the listening experience to a new level.

How do you hope or imagine people will react to it?

I hope people are moved. If they're jaded I hope people will feel woken up. I hope to create music for others (and myself) that brings a deeper awareness to the fullness and beauty of life.

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