Silverbacks are a quintet from Ireland who recently came bounding out of the wilderness with the razor-wired new single 'Dunkirk', signalling the beginning of an exciting new era for the band.

Produced by Girl Band's Daniel Fox, 'Dunkirk' is a jagged-yet-slick piece of modern post-punk, which takes cues from all varied influences, new and old. Silverbacks' initial points of inspiration for 'Dunkirk' were the Christopher Nolan film of the same name and the song's central mantra "every punk trick in the book." From there they bounced off each other, mentally and musically, using their natural chemistry and studio nous to create this taut track. The band are keen to cite classic bands like Television and Sonic Youth, which are certainly present, but the modernity of the sound of 'Dunkirk' and its ideas brings to mind current genre titans like Protomartyr. Akin to that Detroit band, Silverbacks have placed an interesting persona as the focal point of 'Dunkirk', as they explain:

"The song is about a character who is questioning the life he has been dealt who finds himself in a near dystopian future where Dunkirk, despite its history, has become a built-up holiday destination for young families. He struggles to find a unique way to rebel and eventually conforms to the predictable small reactions taken from the book."

Contrary to their protagonist, Silverbacks were keen to subvert expectations on the song, sonically sending the finale down a different rabbit hole than would be expected; "we wanted the listener to believe that the song would eventually finish with a grand finale of guitar distortion and crashes, but instead taking the song in a complete different direction as the character fails to find a way to find happiness through revolt.... We tried a few different versions for an ending before opting for a melodic loop inspired from listening to [Talking Heads'] Remain in Light."

The video for 'Dunkirk' was created by Cameron Taylor, a childhood friend of the band's brothers Kilian and Daniel O'Kelly, who has done all of Silverbacks' artwork to date, and is "an important part of [their] direction." His video for 'Dunkirk' delves into their shared past: "The last scene in the music video features a typically grey and flat Flanders landscape where the three of us grew up. The estates in which we lived were once battlefields in the First and Second World War which isn’t too far off the idea of a beach resort in Dunkirk." Watch the video for 'Dunkirk' below.

Silverbacks' debut album is currently in the works, although two of them are currently hard at work on PhDs (bandleader Killian in music composition and guitarist Peadar Kearney in French Cinema), so we'll have to bear that in mind as we impatiently wait. In the meantime, keep up with Silverbacks on Facebook and Twitter.