The quite wide set of criteria for what counts as music was not so wide in days gone by. Imagine playing Aphex Twin to The Kinks, playing The Kinks to Paganini, playing Paganini to Henry Purcell, etc. etc. As time goes on, as new techniques for making music are developed, and as not only the music community but also audiences become more liberal and accepting of not-oft-heard sounds, "music" becomes a broader term.

Why a lesson in the obvious? Why now? Why? Why, you ask? Bc of this song. It's by GFOTY (standing for "girlfriend of the year") and it's called 'Don't Wanna / Let's Do It' and – in short – it's fucking crazy. In a not-so-short version, it's a weirdly busy yet sparse track, an exercise in experimental grime with crunchy synth bass playing in doom-heralding patterns and no discernible beat. The vocals of GFOTY herself are at first mutated with FX, then chopped and pitch-shifted, alternating between "I don't wanna do it" and "Let's do it", her voice clear with surety, yet illustrating the intense fire of indecision; cryptically she asks like halfway through: "Can you get me a can?" (of Pepsi).

Whether it's some massive meta in-joke or it literally is just as non-sequitur-laden as it appears to be is unknown. But in this, and in its harsh non-structural, non-rhythmic style, there is new ground being trodden. Are u scared?

Download this for free via netlabel PC Music.