James Higgs has been in and about the Brooklyn indie scene for a while now, working alongside bands in the renowned The Seaside Lounge Recording Studios and gigging in bands like Spanish Prisoners. Now he comes works under his solo guise as Ghost Pavilion, and has created his own brand of dream-pop that seems to have sucked up the spirits of all those artists with whom he's come into contact over the years.

'Crucified', which we bring to you today, is taken from his upcoming second EP as Ghost Pavilion, Oblivion. It does exactly what any good piece of bedroom-produced music should do; makes it sound effortless while simultaneously showing off just how cultured and deft his writing and recording skills are. At its core 'Crucified' is built upon a subtle thump and cascading keys flitting about; onto this comes Higgs' airy voice shimmying about amidst the rhythms he's built up. When it comes to the chorus the song magically sprouts another dimension, as guitars crunch into the mix and Higgs' voice teleports around, keeping you guessing and hooked to the interwoven melodies. Listen to 'Crucified' below.

Ghost Pavilion is certainly an act you'll want to follow, through the release of Oblivion and beyond. You can do that at his multiple online presences: