Um, in any case, the news is that the Ghostbusters theme song is being reissued on vinyl, alongside Run-DMC's 'Ghostbusters Rap', in the form of the luxuriously named Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Edition Super Deluxe. With words like 'super' and 'deluxe' in the title, there's no way you could be disappointed.

But what makes it so special?

Well, first off the actual vinyl itself is white, it smells like marshmallows, comes with two 12" x 12" lenticular stills (lenticular is the actual word for what everyone, or just me, calls "holograms"), one 12" x 12" 3D motion lenticular still (extra dimension of fun) – all from the film, obviously… the inner jacket of the gatefold also supposedly feels like marshmallow, although they've only ever spent a fraction of a second in my hands before they get gobbled, so what do they feel like? Suede? Cashmere?

Don't worry, you'll also get a certificate of authenticity that you are one of the 3,000 other souls who own this item. And a six-inch figurine of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man himself, which you could play with or put on a shelf and never, ever, ever touch again.

This comes after the glow-in-the-dark vinyl of Ray Parker, Jr.'s Ghostbusters theme was released earlier this year on Record Store Day (where it helped contribute to the 2000% rise in vinyl sales), commemorating the film’s 30th anniversary. This re-reissue, more smelly but with around the same amount of inedibility, is out 21st October. PRE-ORDER HERE.

Oh, and did you hear that Paul Feig (creator of Freaks and Geeks, director Bridesmaids, The Heat) is creating a new version of the film with with females in the lead ghost-busting roles? No one can seem to agree whether this is going to be a reboot or the long-awaited third title in the series, which as we all know Akroyd already eagerly penned in the '90s.

We'll leave you with this.