Ghostface Killah is here! With music! From an upcoming album called 36 Seasons scheduled for 9th December, this is 'The Battlefield', a track that summons a hip-hop spaghetti western feel, snapping beats over reverbing badlands-conjuring guitars and a solemn march of pianos. It's serious business, and also features AZ, Kool G Rap and Tre Williams.

Apparently 36 Seasons is a concept album about revenge with Ghostface Killah as a "hip-hop superhero" in the midst of it all. As you can see from the, uh, album art or rather, movie poster, he is still calling himself Tony Starks — even despite losing a court case for ripping off the Iron Man Theme from a Marvel cartoon in the '60s, he's still at it. I love that. Don't ever change!

Check out… Another killer Ghostface Killah track, 'Gunshowers', the result of a collaboration between the rapper and BADBADNOTGOOD.