Label: Feral Website: Even though I've written hundreds of reviews so far in my 405 career, I rarely get stumped for words to say. Sounds ridiculous right? Well it's true. I'm not a qualified writer/journalist (as you might have guessed!) but when it comes down to giving my opinion on music I find the whole process fairly easy. I'm sad to say that those days are over. I've listened to The Stars Are Ours by Giant Paw now a million times and I still for the life of me can't figure out if I like it or not. Starting off with tracks like 'Flood' and 'Mosquito', I was left utterly confused as to what they were trying to achieve. Genre mashing, when done well, can of course be an amazing thing (just look at Animal Collective!). Unfortunately Giant Paw haven't quite mastered that art yet. It takes track six, 'Push The Light', to really move things along. After the best 15 minutes of the record fades out, GIant Paw really start to gel together, especially on album closer 'Curse Of The Giant Paw' which sees them experiment with a more distorted sound. Even with the 'end strong' mentality I'm still not 100% convinced by this band. The lack of identity on this album made the whole listening process quite difficult and ultimately left me sitting on the fence. Rating: 5/10