On the heels of the celebratory 'All My Friends are Batshit Crazy' comes a more brooding blend of heavy rock from the up and coming LA-based label Chain Letter Collective. Giant Waste of Man re-appropriate a litany of 90s alternative tropes, but aren't afraid to produce their lyrics with a pop music level of clarity. Unlike their band name suggests, very little goes to waste on on 'What To Do About Desire'. For a song with 5 distinct musical motifs, it blows by in a concise 3 and a half minutes. Each new section, however brief, breathes life into its lyrical passages."I have nothing/ I'm free/ possession is the answer," sings Ben Heywood in the hook, sounding somewhere between content and at odds with his place in life.

Giant Waste of Man are much cleaner and clearer than their aggressive counterparts on Chain Letter Collective. As such, with this addition and the upcoming full-length debut, the small label is now more exciting than many American majors.

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