Hands up who has decided (or been forced by a significant other/eager friend) to join a gym as their New Years resolution? My advice is to forget it and go to some more gigs. It’s more fun and you’ll still sweat off pounds and get back home with lovely endorphins swimming through your veins. To make the choice even easier we’ve handpicked the gigs we think you should know about for the fortnight ahead and even better this will be a regular feature. Although we’ve just listed one venue for each band most of the featured artists are touring so it’s as simple as checking out their Myspace for a venue near you. Also thank you to Thomas Ronson for the lovely listings banner. Tuesday 5th January Photobucket A chance to see Chapter 24 who were very recently featured in our ‘ones to watch 2010’ feature. Venue: Buffalo bar. London, Islington. Tickets: Get them on the door. Chapter 24’s Myspace Wenesday 6th January Photobucket Club Fandango presents Cats and Cats and Cats. Venue: 229. London, Great Portland St. Tickets: www.ticketweb.co.uk Cats and Cats and Cats’ Myspace Thursday 7th January Photobucket Ex Libras play at ‘Quiet Choir Presents… A Night of Quiet’ for what they say is the final chance to see them play an Acoustic set. Venue: The Fighting Cocks. London, Kingston. Tickets: On the door. Ex Libras’ Myspace Friday 8th January Photobucket Slutty Fringe presents ‘The Number One Dance Party In Town’ with My Tiger My Timing playing live. I don’t doubt they can live up to the nights boast. Venue: Big Chill House. London, Kings Cross. Tickets: On the door. My Tiger My Timings’ Myspace Saturday 9th January Photobucket Tartaruga Records are presenting a selection of their recording artists, which of course means Mat Riviere and Bleeding Heart Narraive are a part of that list. Venue: Jamboree. London, Cable St. Tickets: On the door. Mat Riviere’s Myspace Sunday 10th January Photobucket Hold Your Horse Is are another one of our bands that should be big in 2010 and this is your chance to see them live. Venue: Joiners, Southampton. Tickets: www.joinerslive.co.uk Hold Your Horse Is’ Myspace Tuesday 12th January Photobucket Welsh group Race Horses add some live music to infamous indie night, White Heat. Venue: Madam Jo Jo’s Tickets: Get them on the door. Race Horses’ Myspace Wednesday 13th January Photobucket One of two dates the legendary Martha Wainwright is playing in Camden. Venue: Jazz Café, London. Tickets: www.jazzcafelive.com Martha Wainwright’s Myspace Thursday 14th January Photobucket If you’re not from Brighton it still worth a trip to see Shoes and Socks Off, even if it does mean you’ll be crying about all your failed relationships on the way home. Venue: Hectors House Tickets: Get them on the door. Shoes and Socks off’s Myspace Friday 15th January Photobucket Tall Ships are a truly awesome live band and this is one of seven shows the math rockers will be playing this January. Venue: Bar 200, Turo. Tickets: Get them on the door. Saturday 16th January Photobucket Rolo Tomassi headline a string of UK dates, starting with this one. For a hardcore band they officially have the sweetest front girl ever.. that’s until she opens her mouth. Venue: Blues Loft, High Wycombe. Tickets: www.seetickets.com Rolo Tomassi’s Myspace Sunday 17th January Photobucket Paperplainwill be taking her acoustic guitar to The Lock Tavern today. Once there she'll undoubtedly be playing tracks from her excellent new album due for release this January. Venue: Lock Tavern, London. Tickets: Get them on the door.

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