Late last year, we were introduced to South Africa-born, now London-based singer/songwriter Gina Kushka, who immediately made positive impressions with 'Bring It Down'; a whizzing, whirling concoction of progressive pop-meets-R&B/hip-hop. Armed with more new material and continuing her musical partnership with producer Jay Weathers, Kushka kicks off her year with 'Hurtproof' which not only continues the musical imprints of earlier releases, but also showcases her booming vocal talents that could quite possibly give Sia a run for her money.

Weathers' production, once again is progressive and rather futuristic while Gina's lyrics talk of crippling self-doubt, in spite of the aura of confidence in the track's delivery. Speaking to Pigeons & Planes, Kushka explained: "Since I was very small, I've felt things pretty intensely. I always thought that I didn't fit in or that it was abnormal to feel things so deeply. I had to find a way of protecting myself, so I created the concept of being 'Hurtproof.'" Expect to hear much more from Gina Kushka throughout 2016.