I like this. Doesn't really matter who's involved. You could've told me this was, I dunno, a different producer and a different singer and it wouldn't have particularly made a difference. Perhaps this says something Giorgio Moroder and Kylie Minogue. Perhaps this says something about me. I've just read this paragraph again and I take it all back; I love it and it's totally because of both involved.

'Right Here, Right Now' is an electro-disco number flowing from the brain of Giorgio Moroder that floats into the realm of French-style house, with its thumping drums and vocodery bassline, a shimmering soundtrack to a future summer's day; there's something hot and sunny about it. But that could be down to Kylie's voice – she has this malleable cheesiness to her voice that exudes only good times and good vibes, barely scratching the surface of the soul, yet its light and manageable and sounds like it will get a billion bodies moving when it gets more widespread radio play and stuff. WHICH IT PROBABLY WILL.

And the new album from Moroder, 74 is The New 24, set – I'm sure – to be a disco extravaganza, will also feature collaborations with Charli XCX, Mikky Eko, Sia and Britney Spears. But we'll have to wait until spring to find out.