The madness of not-actually-a-girl-band Girl Band will be able to be broadcast to a much wider audience now, thanks to their recent signing to label Rough Trade.

Girl Band make noisy music. Noise rock, you could call it. You could just call it noise. But either way, it's exhilarating stuff, heart-pumping foot-stomping slack-mouthed rageful white noise Slough of Despond-flavoured music set to party-time drums and rusty guillotine guitars. For example, you can listen to their room-shaking cover of Blawan's actually terrifying 'Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage' below.

Girl Band will be playing the Old Blue Last in London on 27th January, and The Speakeasy in Belfast on 7th February. I hear their live show is quite something, so perhaps I'll try and pop down and see 'em in the flesh. You should too, if you like getting exploded by music.

Stay tuned for more music, more dates, more excitement! (This might become my new unofficial sign-off).