Norway's 20-year-old bedroom-pop phenom, Marie Ulven—aka girl in red—is already back with new material. This time, following up her debut EP chapter 1 red ponders anxiety and battles with her own identity through the morbid jangle of ‘dead girl in the pool,’ the third single from her upcoming chapter 2 EP that will be out later this year.

‘dead girl in the pool’ is an infectiously charming tune with its catchy acoustic riffs, yet remains claustrophobic with frantic lyrics that see red stir with questions amidst the relatable empty feeling after a night that only briefly numbed existential pain: “I don’t know what to do / I’m the dead girl in the pool / I can’t stop staring at my face / My summer tan has begun to fade / Is this real or is this fake / A creepy dream I can’t escape / This is the morning after / My mind is such a disaster…”

There’s nothing profoundly complex about ‘dead girl in the pool,’ but it is a track that sincerely captures the worries that often arise with being 20 years of age during a time where seeking who you truly are is either criticized and even deterred. On the song, red says, “I had just had a conversation about perspectives and different narratives that sparked some ideas. then suddenly i had the line ‘theres a dead girl in the pool’ and this little music video of the morning after a party playing in my head. it’s kind of about feelings of anxiety and questioning your identity...

Along with the new single, check out the music video above, which features red waking up the night after a house party, confused and in doubt about what had happened. The perplexed look on her face becomes even more so once she stares out the window and sees her own dead body lifelessly suspended in the pool of water in front of her.

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