The female form is a beautiful thing. A delicate and intricate sculpture carved by the very hands of Mother Nature herself. Whether it be porcelain complexions or stream line physiques, cherry red lips or flowing curves, It’s existence is something that is both respected and appreciated but also often used and abused. A clever man will tend and nurture to the needs of a women’s body; her temple, preserving it’s appeal and his desire for it. A clever woman however, will use every asset she has to wrap a man around her little finger, as long his lust is enough to gain him an appetite. That’s nothing new. But who really has the upper hand, when it comes down to the “battle of the sexes”? Magazines, Films and Television commercials are constantly pushing images of virtually naked flesh left to simmer in watered down eroticism down our throats on a daily basis. Where as some would subscribe to the belief that a scantily clad model gracing the cover of a magazine in next to nothing is exploitation or that it treads precariously on the border lines of becoming pornography, others would argue that it’s simply a celebration of such physical beauty. Is it wrong for a good looking woman to parade around in her underwear, if she chooses to do so? More often then none, this type of photography is shot with the intention of being a lot more then something for an adolescent teenager to gawp at on his bedroom wall. Here the consideration to generate a great amount of finesse and ambience during the production of one single shot is always present. So much so, that the artistic direction can often create a sea of hips,chests,stomachs,thighs and bums all merged into one hot contorted mess. A photograph can say a thousand words and this type of photography gives you more then just those “come to bed” eyes, that’s for sure. I happened to come across this neat little photography blog called Yimmys Yayo which, whilst it deals primarily with a vast and diverse collection of photographs, just seemed to stand out as this trove of tasteful female treasures. It seems to be a perfect marriage between sexy and elegance. It’s this type of photography that should be admired of its “less is more” attitude. When it comes to this type of cultured and refined “glamour” (for lack of a better word) photography, I’m a sucker for it. I think it does the female form and women’s rights justice. I’m a complete sucker for a good looking women also, so maybe that’s why I decided to write this here feature. But enough of the chit-chat! Here are some of my favorites.