Our favourite band out of San Francisco (we think) are looking to continue the fantastic Broken Dreams Club EP (and their debut LP Album) this September with the release of Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

The records details slowly filtered out through an awesome widget they posted online the other day. We haven't got any music to share with you yet but you can find the tracklisting/album cover below. The record comes out on September 12th in UK/Europe, September 13th in US and September 7th in Japan (via Fantasytrashcan/Turnstile).


  • 1. Honey Bunny
  • 2. Alex
  • 3. Die
  • 4. Saying I Love You
  • 5. My Ma
  • 6. Vomit
  • 7. Just a Song
  • 8. Magic
  • 9. Forgiveness
  • 10. Love Like a River
  • 11. Jamie Marie