Dublin-born artist, Rejjie Snow is one of the most exciting creative lyricists out. So don't let his brand new mixtape The Moon & You slide under your radar.

It's his first project with 300 Entertainment and it features Joey Bada$$ and Jesse Boykins III, Cam O'bi, Benjamin Miller and more. Stream it below, or head here to download it (and to see its accompanying zine, which he edited himself).


1. INTRO (prod. Benjamin Miller)
2. UNBORN (prod. Benjamin Miller)
3. FASHION WEEK (prod. Benjamin Miller)
4. AFRICAN DRAGON (prod. Shungu & Benjamin Miller
5. PURPLE TUESDAY (ft. Joey Bada$$ & Jesse Boykins III) (prod. Cam O'bi)
6. ME & MY PIANO (prod. Benjamin Miller)
7. SUNNY CALIFORNIA (prod. Benjamin Miller)
8. HOPE (prod. Crooklyn)
9. MAMA AFRICA (prod. Shungu)
10. GET IT (feat. Joyce Wrice) (prod. Benjamin Miller)
11. MILK MAN (prod. Shungu)
12. PINK FLOWER (feat. Dana Williams & Julian Bell)
13. ACID TRIP (prod. Benjamin Miller)