Yes, Toby Ridler (aka Becoming Real) will release his debut album - Pure Apparition - on 25th May via Transgressive Records.

Alongside this announcement he's also shared lead track 'Tibetan Moves', which arrives as an audio-visual combo with music video ready and waiting to be watched below. The abstract visuals, flashing shapes and colours, suit the clatter of pugilistic drums and rusty-razor hi-hats, with abstract noises themselves flying through the air like unnamable nocturnal monsters, bleeping wildly or, shuddering with strange shrieks and whistles, or yawning with decayed electronic wah-wah weirdness. Lovely stuff.

Pre-order the album here ('Tibetan Moves' is available now).

  • Pure Apparition tracklist:
  • 1. Bleach
  • 2. Sps 7
  • 3. D.A.R.E.
  • 4. Only In Real
  • 5. Tokyo
  • 6. Comet's Pull
  • 7. Tibetan Moves
  • 8. The Deal Set Adrift
  • 9. Rude
  • 10. Kick Flip
  • 11. Pure Apparition
  • 12. Main Station Cables