Venue: White Heat at Madame Jo Jo’s Date: 12/10/10 A last minute addition to the bill of the White Heat club night saw Glasser take to the stage in deepest, darkest Soho. Based in Los Angeles, Glasser (aka Cameron Mesirow) is on a whistle-stop tour to promote her debut album Ring. Having already graced Rough Trade East and Hoxton’s Macbeth in as many days, before a scheduled departure for Paris, a late decision was made to appear at Madame Jo Jo’s – “the right one,” Mesirow announced, with a smile to the audience. Ring was released to generally favourable reviews and, musically, Glasser is not too dissimilar to Fever Ray – lots of spare, layered synths, occasionally tribal-style percussion and ethereal vocals, though live she doesn’t employ nearly as much dry ice as Fever Ray used to swamp Brixton Academy a few weeks previously! The set opened enigmatically, with Mesirow bathed under a lone spotlight for a minimal rendition of ‘Glad’. Anyone in the crowd who didn’t know Glasser and who was expecting to dance their socks off were in for a bit of a shock. Things then upped a significant gear with ‘Apply’, the song that first brought Glasser to everyone’s attention. On record it’s a brooding piece, undoubtedly a highlight of the album, but live it just becomes so much more intense. I’d seen Glasser live once before, earlier in the year at the Lexington, where she was backed by a laptop-wielding “deconstructive dance troupe”, but tonight the music was fleshed out with additional musicians, which gave a much fuller sound (possibly helped by the intimacy of the venue). As well as an ever-present digital drum-kit, a real drum was also used to lift the aforementioned ‘Apply’, and a guitar synthesiser cropped up to play the vibraphone arpeggios on ‘Treasure Of We’. An integral part of the Glasser sound is Mesirow’s versatile voice, which has drawn comparison with the likes of Björk, Natasha Khan of Bat For Lashes and even Enya. On record it’s looped and overdubbed, and though this layering was missing in a live setting, her voice is still something. The crowd at Madame Jo Jo’s were totally entranced tonight, and it’s almost certain that the next time Glasser visits these shores, you’ll be queuing up at much larger venues to see her.