Kendrick Lamar originally featured on this Glasses Malone track 'Thuggin', and the former's verse blew the latter's out the water. Now with the creation of a lyric video for the track, Glasses Malone invited Killer Mike to lay down a verse, too, which funnily enough also greatly tops Malone's. The comments on YouTube for this track say everything: "Glasses was trash, Kendrick and Mike were dope," says one. "Damn that Glasses Malone verse was awful. "I don't like paying taxes"..."As a man I don't take dick".."I don't do versace that's that gay shit".."Yeah I said it I'm a thug".."GUESS I NEED A MUTHAFUCKIN HUG".. wut??" says another. Oh, and: "Malone, not only was your verse incredibly homophobic and disgusting, it was boring as hell. Kendrick and Killer Mike ran circles around you and this was your song. The actual good stuff begins at 1:36." As well as: "Glasses was utterly boring."

Aside from this, the smart beat, the emotive guitar, robust bassline and the lyrics - especially of Killer Mike but also of Kendrick - combine for a deeply impressive track; there's literally too many good lines to write them all here. Listen below and hear for yourself.