"Glassjaw: Naked and truthful. Pure and brutally direct. Glassjaw work stray chords, a Radiohead-ish swirl of guitar and a barrage of bared emotions into a frenzy that's singular and uncompromising. Glassjaw's IAM/Roadrunner debut, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence is as riveting and personal a record as you could ask for. One where beauty turns to disgust where melodies turn molten."Biography courtesy of GlassJAw.net So, 4 years ago I got my heart broken. By an arsehole. There is my sob story. I drank, I acted like a dick, then randomly found this album in my old cd player and listened to it whilst walking pointlessly keeping myself busy. It made me feel better, infact it made me go fucking nuts. It was the most immense and appropiate album I could have wished for. Out went the Azure Ray and "Its cool we can still be friends" and in came this beast of an album. For 3 months solid I listened to it daily. This album is one were it feels like you've woken up in the morning with a bruise on your face and swollen knuckles, yet you don't notice the pain of your injuries cause you're already hurt enough. That everyone and everything in life has lost meaning and you keep searching but really everywhere you look you just get the same reflection of yourself. The vocals for some people will instantly put them off, for some itll be the greatest discovery this year maybe and for others who already know, hopefully they will just understand. "This all hurts me so much that I honestly believe you're the one this is hard for....I've already made up a billion stories about you...Im glad when you're here Im sad when you're near" A couple of lines from When One Eight Becomes Two Zeros. Probably the most affecting song on the album for me personally but even without that song on the album it would still have got me through. Daryl Palumbo himself describes this album himself by saying ""The last record was like, 'everything is bad, everything is bad. I'm miserable and it's not gonna get better, I'm gonna loose and it fuckin' take myself...This record is basically a modern take on love," the frontman explains. "You can write a record that's an anti-relationship record or a broken heart record or a revenge record. Fact is, I'm in plain English saying what's on my mind as bluntly as possible. Sorry, real life isn't politically correct. This is how I feel in my heart and my guts. If you say you can't relate to this, then you haven't had your heart broken." Misery never sound better. I really luckily got to see them last year, 07/07/07, it was probably one of the best days of my life. I actually went with the guy who broke it, completely platonic, but that night I finally got my chance to say a big Fuck You dick and Thank You GJ. Since that day in May that I found this album my love has never dwindled for GlassJAw. I just pretend Head Automatica didn't happen and I'm just psyched after the United Nations record. Roll on next year. "I hope you enjoy dying alone."