The 2014 edition of Glastonbury came to a muddy close yesterday. In an article with The Guardian, the festival's founder Michael Eavis reflects on the festival's past and looks ahead to its future" “I think I can run on another six years, which would take me up to 50 years,” he said. Then [I'll] see what happens after that.”

While he did say that he believes Glasto "still got a few years in it", but that 2017 would be the fest's next fallow year (a time of hiatus, to give the grounds, the local residents, and organizers some much needed and well deserved time off). However, they already have all three headliners ready to go for next year and one non-English act was booked for the headlining Saturday date, but it sadly isn't Prince. He addressed those needs to have the Almighty Purple One play further in the interview, saying “We’re always having a go at Prince", adding “Most of the people in the world want to play here, so I did ask him to hop on the train and come down to Castle Cary station and I’ll show him around the farm some time. It hasn’t been taken up yet though.”

He naturally discussed the controversial Metallica performance as well, and was overall incredibly pleased with it. “The great thing about them is the generosity of appreciation of the show. We’ve never seen a band so keen on coming before, they’re fantastic people.” He actually had approached the band twenty years ago to play, explaining “I promised them the chance to come about 20 years ago, and so the time was now. We could give them the slot this time for the first time. I think they filled it very, very well.”

While he's notoriously pessimistic about Glasto's future, he does acknowledge and love the impact that its had on people's lives. “Every single person there last night wanted to shake my hand and say it’s the best thing in their life,” he told The Guardian. “It really is quite phenomenal that appreciation of the event – 44 years and people love it more than ever.”