Glastonbury are set to ban the sale of Native American headdresses at their 2015 event. The decision follows an online petition launched by Daniel Round on whose intention was to raise the organisers' awareness regarding "the issues surrounding the wearing of feathered headdresses."

Although the petition gathered only 65 signatures, it was enough to convince Emily Eavis to put her foot down: "Our petition, small in numbers but passionate in support, pushed this issue right up to Emily Eavis, and she listened," Round explains. "Although it is only one UK festival, I hope that if we spread the news of Glastonbury’s decision online, positive discussions about the stereotyping of Native Americans and the headdress will grow in the UK and elsewhere."

The issue has gained quite a lot of exposure recently, with musicians such as Pharrell Williams and Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne apologising for wearing such items, since some Native Americans see it as disrespectful to their culture.