This feature is taken from our Glasweek special.

Obviously, we only had so much time and real estate to cover the music coming out of Glasgow as much as we have this past week. Therefore, there were many interesting musicians that were just not able to be featured. To compensate for this, we invited the people we interviewed for Glasweek to suggest one or two Glasgow-based artists they'd like see featured in a big ol' playlist that represents the best of what the city's underground has to offer. We also included a couple of our own personal choices in there too, including those who were nearly featured but narrowly missed out.

And, on that note, the first name that appears in this playlist, and the band in the header image (taken by itookthisbeast), is Pennycress. We interviewed them for a feature, but, unfortunately, they disbanded in the time between that interview taking place and Glasweek's publication. Kate, the lead singer, joined Joanna Gruesome, while Seb, the guitarist, is currently on a trip around the world. To make up for this, we've decided to feature their debut album, See Us Swell, in its entirety at the very top of the list.

Also, before we get to the playlist, we'd just like to say thank you to everybody involved in making Glasweek happen, to the interviewees for their time and patience while we took forever to organise everything, and to you for reading it all. And a special shout-out goes to Kay Logan, without whom this probably wouldn't have happened. Hopefully you've found a new favourite band, and hopefully the interviewees see some kind of benefit for being involved.

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