Yakima is a four-piece band that has its origins in Glasgow in 2013. Through the handful of years that have past since then, they've only had snatches to develop, but bedded down in late 2017 to record an EP, soon followed by working in earnest towards their debut LP. Today they're finally ready to let the world in on what they've been working on, letting loose the fuzzed-out gem 'Judy's Lament'.

Of the track, Paul Bradley says: “The track narrates the nebulous veil induced by interminable wakefulness”. That makes it sound like a dark and cold song, which could describe the cobwebbed studio where it was recorded, but 'Judy's Lament' is actually a warm and embracing song. Reminiscent of 90s alt-rock heroes like Pavement and Yo La Tengo, Yakima tangle listeners in a web of reverberating guitars, pulling them up close for the intimate vocal. They take the song on minor crests and falls, but mostly just allow it to flow on a vibe of blissful impermanence. Check it out below.

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