I recently had the pleasure of trying out Google Glass at the Open Device Lab Bournemouth, where they'd managed to get hold of a couple of systems. The model that I had the honour of using was the black coloured version, which I was extremely careful to handle as I didn't want to be responsible for breaking something so delicate and expensive (Clumsy McClumberson over here).

When donning the glasses for the first time, I couldn't see a thing. Well, I could see what was in front of me as usual, but I couldn't see any kind of magical wizardry like I expected. I was told I needed to tilt my head upwards to activate the screen so that I did, and I could just about see a fuzzy glowing thing in the top right hand corner of my vision, which seemed to go off again as soon as I put my head back down.

After doing this a few times with no luck - no doubt looking suitably confused in the process - I realised that the viewing area could be tilted so that the viewing area would actually be in focus. And voila - the time appeared on a small screen in my vision followed by the phrase "Ok glass". It's always helpful to know the time when looking up, isn't it.

Spoken commands fall foul

You're supposed to say that phrase out loud to activate it. Once you do you'll be presented with a list of things you can do - 'Google... (something)', 'Get directions to', 'Take a picture', 'Record a video', 'Send a message to...' First of all I tried Googling my name. I don't know if it just didn't recognise my accent, or if I was saying it wrong, but it didn't seem to be picking up my command. So instead I tried taking a picture, resulting in a beautiful photo of someone's desk. Feeling all glassed out, I took the Google Glass off and called it a day.

Would I get one in the future?

It's obviously a very innovative and clever idea but I don't personally see myself walking down the street asking my Google Glass directions to my next meeting. The voice command procedure currently puts it in bed with Siri, but I can't see a love story being written about a man and Google Glass. Not yet anyway. If it happens in a few years, feel free to mock me.