Label: Cordless Release date: 13/10/09 Website: Myspace A band naming their single ‘Beauty’ may seem a little forward, but in Gliss’ case, the title is exceptionally apt – fans of glorious indie-pop looking for the new Pains of Being Pure at Heart take note, LA trio Gliss are creating some of the most gorgeous hazy guitar-pop around. ‘Beauty’ is indeed a thing of rare beauty; a glittering, reverb-soaked gem which meshes Klingman’s moaning, lackadaisical vocals with roaring, shimmering guitars and synths to create a track that would make Asobi Seksu proud. In 'Beauty', Gliss strike a unique balance - they avoid the lack of intimacy that comes with 'big' tracks in their intricate lyrics - which manage to be simultaneously anthemic and achingly personal ; ‘So much for beauty!’ Klingman wails – well, not when Gliss are around! This is the kind of delicate indie-pop people fall irrevocably in love with, and if this track doesn’t hit the radios, then I’ll eat any number of hats. Their second album ‘Devotion Implosion’ is released November 2nd, and on the strength of ‘Beauty’ I advise you check it out. Rating: 8/10