We recently brought you 'PERLA', the debut track from South London's GG Skips aka Glows, a known figure in the scene and a rising producer in his own right. Today he returns with a new song and video 'Foam'.

Glows informs us that 'Foam' is inspired by "a particularly bizarre month in summer where I'd take entire bus routes across London and listen to Scott Walker's Tilt on repeat for hours. There's this one song called 'Farmer in the City' that resonated particularly with me, it matched the isolation I was feeling at the time."

Now, 'Foam' sounds absolutely nothing like 'Farmer In The City', but the loneliness he mentions is certainly caught in Glows' disconnected and visual vocals that place us alongside him in these long dissociative bus rides. Creeping in on airily grey synth, 'Foam' soon kicks into gear with a lightly skittering beat, pushing the abstract lyricism out and into the open to form dreamy imagery. It builds to a gentle peak, where he wearily decides "I'll make my way home," and the song seems to deflate at the realisation of the long journey ahead, but soon the beat picks back up again and we're winding our way back through the London streets and Glows' thoughts to a contemplative conclusion.

The atmosphere of 'Foam' is enhanced by the video, made by Glows and his friends, featuring them moving like healthy but bored zombies around the city. 'Foam' is another compelling piece, further proving that Glows is an artist with plenty on his mind and tactile musical and visual abilities to express it. Check out 'Foam' below.

Glows will be playing a hometown show this Thursday November 8th at Bermondsey Social Club. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.