Having already released the amped up JUST SAY NO TO THE PSYCHO RIGHT WING CAPITALIST FASCIST INDUSTRIAL DEATH MACHINE earlier this year, you'd expect Gnod to be tapped out - especially as that album goes hell-for-leather from the first second to the last. But when they have the opportunity to team up with Dutch psych rock merchants Radar Men From The Moon and go again, they don't give it a second thought, and go just as hard.

The collaborative collective is working under the name Temple Ov BBV, where BBV stands for Brain Blood Volume, taken from the infamous experiments of Bart Hughes in 1960s, who attempted to drill holes in the skull in order to gain equilibrium. In listening to Temple of BBV it's evident why they've opted for this homage: their ceaselessly chugging guitars are reminiscent of a large machine slowly but steadily boring its way deep inside your mind. The echoing and yowling vocals that escape amidst the industrial sounds could be the screams of the patient, or the departure of bad memories as they escape through the newly drilled cavity and into the open air.

This is perhaps the inspiration behind the question asked in this song, 'What Happens To Memories When You Die'. If this song and video are anything to go by, then it is an excoriating process, both terrifying and satisfying. As the collective slowly and gradually grind their way towards the song's well-earned finale, the friction in your brain starts to feel more and more freeing, and when the song's 12 minutes are finally up you might actually feel a little more balanced - maybe Bart Hughes was on to something.

Watch the video for 'What Happens To Memories When You Die' below, and look out for Temple Ov BBV's self-titled album coming out through Rocket Recordings this Friday, June 9th - you can pre-order it here.