Hello from Gnoomes! We’d like to share the photos from our previous European and UK tours with you all.

It was our drummer’s intention to shoot photos on a snapshot camera and firstly we were a bit skeptical about it but when he developed the film for the first time we saw that it could be amazing analog memories. It’s absolutely different all the time and you can’t predict the results of it. After experimenting with a few films we stayed with the BW Ilford 400. It’s a beast!

On those photos we’re traveling over Italy, Switzerland and the UK. Some of them are spontaneous, some of them are intentional, but they are all capturing the sacred tour moments which we safely keep in our hearts. Either nature or urban backgrounds dissolve our minds when we tour and we become a piece of it.

There we’re drinking Italian wine, looking at the overwhelming landscapes with the Alps, there we’re meeting up the Slowdive’s guitarist Christian Savill at our first ever UK gig in Reading. Actually there are a lot of great and open-hearted people whom we usually meet while touring, maybe some of them will be familiar to you.

We really love the grain of the photos. It makes you feel a little bit surreal and otherworldly. Looking at them now gives us a hazy and a fresh feeling like you usually have after drinking a pint of a gorgeous IPA.