Huerco S - 'Lifeblood (Naive Melody)'

Possibly one of the longest album titles of the year, the latest full-length from Huerco S For Those Of You That Have Never (And Those Who Have) not only sounds like a Mogwai album title, but it's also not dissimilar in the way it delivers a series of tracks that are post-rock in idea but electronic-lead and hazily repetitive to the point of hypnotising in execution. Tracks like 'Lifeblood' (listen via Resident Advisor below) are beautiful yet disorientating, calming yet strangely energizing. If you like such acts as Shuttle 358 and Oval then this album should be right up your street. A most fascinating and enjoyable LP.

Positive Centre - 'Angular Beautifault'

Some top ethereal and dystopian brutishness up now from Positive Centre, whose latest EP Nonharmonic Beautifault not only translates as "Beautiful Nonharmonic" (simple!) but is also hot 'n happenin' stuff all round; weighty warehouse techno not short of pinches of distortion, hectic hammering, and outersphere sound signals. Truly wonderful. Nonharmonic Beautifault is out now on the Amsterdam-based label Leyla.

Trus'me - 'Red Sun'

There's a red planet theme to the new Trus'me album Planet 4, which follows on from 2013's excellent down-and-dirty funk-tek(er) of an LP Treat Me Right. Thing are, as you might imagine, a touch more spacey-tech here and there, but tracks such as the dubby 'Red Sun' keep hold of that pushalong fun house sort of thang that makes the music of Trus'me so recognisable and enjoyable. listening to the album I got flashbacks to a host of mid-90s records too. Planet 4 is out now on Prime Numbers.

400ppm - 'Lender of Last Resort'

I don't know much about 400ppm but they seem to be one of those dark and mysterious ensembles that has me preferring to keep it that way. The four cuts on the latest release Just-In-Time are hard-hitting, direct, pinsharp and industrial. 'Lender of Last Resort' features a ghostly echo constant, but also a kind of tribal-based drum sound whose pitch occasionally changes. Ridiculously addictive, this is techno music that's not for the faint hearted. Just-In-Time is out now on Avian.

Blawan - 'Lit Up Communicat'

Keeping things non compromising, one of my favourite acts Blawan recently put out new EP entitled Communicat 1022 on his own Ternesc imprint. I've always found Blawan one of the more interesting of the post dubstep crew, always ploughing his own furrow, keeping things fresh, intriguing, and downright tight. This new release's four outings each offer up something different; from the tick-tock wonky to the deep-lying and mildly threatening. One can picture the clientele down the club more likely to be stroking chins and looking a bit confused than actually grooving along. And, you know, sometimes this is how it should be. It be always healthy to keep 'em guessing, innit? The track included here, 'Lit-Up Communicat', sounds like a pair of bats flying in and out of Alan Wilder's studio. In the dead of night, obviously.

Plaid - 'Do Matter'

And finally, a good way to send y'all off in a happy state of mind by way of new floaty Plaid tune 'Do Matter'. If for some reason you happen to be unfamiliar with the sound of the veteran East Anglian electronic duo then, well, I'm pretty jealous because it means that-- after you discover the curious wonder of the track featured here-- you're surely about to indulge in a whole bunch of previously released music, including at least seven endlessly gift-giving beautiful and quirky LPs, all of them released on Warp Recordings, no less. Plaid's new album The Digging Remedy, from which 'Do Matter' is taken, is out June 10. Watch the official video above.