Philip Neeson returns with another batch of the latest in hot and heavy techno releases and a 'blast from the past' selection.

Surgeon releases seventh album filled with biospheric repetition

From Farthest Known Objects sees Anthony Childs AKA Surgeon approach his seventh album whilst "tuning into transmissions from Distant Galaxies". There is indeed an almost non human touch to the biospheric repetition going down over the course of the grey coloured eight cuts of anti techno techno featured here. Included some deep space greasy smearing ('EGS-zs8-1'), motorik funk noise ('z8_GND_5296') and waveform house from futures past ('BDF-3299'). Recommended, if not exactly lovable.

Heavy grimy techno from Ansome on Perc Trax

Ansome is Cornwall resident Kieran Whitefield, and Stowaway has been described as fixed with "5am club rippers". There's certainly a typically dark and heavy feel to the music here, in keeping with almost all of the stuff released on PercTrax. From opener 'Chemical Kenny''s grimy, gloomy industry to the kicking 4/4 ominous screech of 'Poldark', there is a real no messin', hard-edged and chunk laden quality to the LP. If Stowaway was put out by a bigger name one gets the feeling we'd be hearing much more about it. Cracking record.

Dublin's First Second label release debut vinyl 12"

As far as I'm aware (though I could be wrong) the Oh, Night Wish 12" is the first actual vinyl release on previously digital only Dublin based label First Second. The title track is a proper club friendly bit of thick house; built to order, getting progressively heavier as it goes on, pushing and shoving its way onto the dancefloor. Bessiekat is from Russia, but now spends most of his time lapping up the seemingly better end of the Barcelona club scene.

Oldschool techno project on Third Ear Records

My mate John quite agrees with this tune, saying it sounds like "Boards of Canada with a darker edge". Considering the work of Scotland's finest can be a bit gloomy at the best of times, the premise here is almost hopelessly dark. I myself find the work of Gesetz Der Oktaven-- certainly going by the track included here-- as having a bit of oldschool 'pop' to it. It's all pretty much sick (as the kids say these days). The project that the track featured is part of was put together using mostly '80s studio equipment, and recorded "in real time with no plugins", says its creator Hanno Leichtmann. Find out more by visiting Third Ear.

Restless and positively bonkers new album from Shit and Shine

Latest LP, the wonderfully titled Everybody's A Fucking Expert, is more of the usual positive mess and incoherent beats and pieces from Shit and Shine. If anything the material here is more bleep infested electro funk, and general restless disfiguring than on previous releases. Restless, confusing, individual, and oddly addictive. What's not to love?

Thug Entrancer returns with playful new spacy tech single

Always good to hear something new from this dude. Like much of the best new electronica and techno, old sounds are being recreated using modern equipment, as well as-- in some cases-- using older equipment even better than before, and what's happening here is a good example. New single 'Curaga' is a good example of this, and has a quite likable, almost friendly playfully electro space-funk appeal to boot. I'm quite the fan.

Stream new EP from post dubstep Bristolian duo Trans AM

Not to be confused with Maryland post rockers Trans AM, err, Trans A.M. released the Speechless EP via the SPE:C label on January 30. Its shifty dubstep swagger and rolling low-end beats recall the likes of Pangaea and Untold. Nothing new, but certainly an enjoyable sound. Stream the Speechless EP in full below.

Blast From the Past: The Omen -- Walking In the Air

This episode's past blaster is one featured on the John Peel show in September 2003 by The Omen. Hard hittin' trance cum happy hardcore, this time, which plays around with the seasonal classic 'Walking In the Air'. All that's left for me to do is to repost the comment that appears under the track's YouTube link: "Omg, I had this record and it was destroyed when a drunk woman drove into my house!"