The path to self-discovery is a tormented one to cross. As you go, you find ways to persevere. Spanish singer-songwriter Mario Llana endured his inner conflicts as much one can while trying to figure out what happens next. Until it happened: a broken tooth and a drunken fall down a flight of stairs led him to call it quits with his former life, rethink and pursue elsewhere a truer version of himself.

Moving to Berlin in 2015 as Goblin Prince, he documents his struggles in coming to terms with the problems of shame, identity, self-esteem and being queer through his music. Influenced by the likes of Regina Spektor, Lewis Carroll, The Knife and Kate Bush, Goblin Prince’s candid debut single ‘Choirboys’ tackles Catholic guilt and sexual awakening while playing with pastoral imagery, baroque pop, synths and confessional songwriting.

Listen to ‘Choirboys’ below:

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